Hello there!

So, I’m not exactly new to the whole blogging scene, but it’s definitely been a while. I had a blog called Tulips to Kiss You With, but I didn’t feel like it fit me anymore, so I stopped blogging on it. You know, that whole “self-discovery” as a teenager thing. This is Arizona me. Which is who I want to be for now.
This dress is from Downeast Basics and is my absolute love. It’s so comfortable!
Love in the form of a Chai Latte. 
Working on crafting for Mesa’s Second Friday. These banners were the cutest.
New jars for our kitchen that I’m in love with.
Margherita pizza that tasted so much better than it looks!
Slightly patriotic outfit for work last week.
This starry dress is the cutest!
Got some groceries and flowers from Trader Joe’s a couple days ago.
To brighten up the day!
Cute banner for Valentine’s Day that I still haven’t taken down.
Mug for the upcoming “Monsters University” movie from Disney/Pixar.
Cutest dress from Torrid… It’s even got pockets!
Some pictures of our updated family room. 

I’m already an instagram hoarder, so keeping up my blog won’t be too hard. I’ve just been really inspired lately and have decided that I want to stand for something great and this is going to be it.