Oh, the craziness of Spring Break…

Well, our spring break has come to an end. We’re back in our classes today and everyone is playing catch up with all the assignments they failed to complete over spring break, due today… Don’t you just love college?
I had a great spring break, though. It was one of those Spring Breaks where you get so much done and it’s awesome, but you never remember to sleep (you know, the best kind). I got to go to Disneyland with one of my Disney-obsessed friends, my little sister and my dad; and we had an absolute blast. Even though it was super busy, we got a lot done and got to run around like the five year olds we are in our hearts; it was great! But we had to come back and I had to go to work, which while fun, takes a lot out of me. However, once done with work, the weekend was awesome! I went to a swing dance social/class and got to bop around to some tunes (I am so making this a weekly thing), got to sing “A Whole New World” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” at karaoke, went to a little city carnival and act like I was in the movie Grease and finally, on Sunday, ran around town celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with no green on… But got to hit up my favorite breakfast place and a new vintage shop, so I’m not complaining.
Was anyone else on break? I knew most of the area here in Arizona had it, so everything was pretty busy.

We like to take silly pictures…
The best couple ever; smitten with Prince Eric.

My little sister and I!

Me and the daddy-o.

Once it’s in your head, it never gets out…

Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure is SO much fun.

I love this picture, so I had to include it.

This, too.

How cool are these ears?!

We decided to plan our next move while we were still on the ride.
I’ll have to make another post with what I did the other half of Spring Break (I’ve got some awesome pictures), but until then, follow me on Instagram and Twitter, because I post all the time there.