The Sunday Adventure

So, a week or so ago, my boyfriend and I went on an adventure to Tempe and Phoenix and it was SO much fun. I like Arizona because I always find something new. Plus, it’s easier to explore now because we’ve got the light rail so we can go from Mesa to Tempe to Phoenix without lugging a car around!
I saw this mural walking to Revolver Records and thought it was super cool. I also really like it from this angle; it’s my favorite picture I’ve taken so far this year!
I had to pee (so not TMI, right?) so we stopped into this coffee shop, Jo Bot, and I ended up getting an italian soda. Lime green because it was St. Patrick’s Day. It was actually pretty good! I should probably go sometime for some actual coffee; I’d like to know if it’s any good.
Weird art is seriously the best… How cute is this panda?!

And this is just random; I love this skirt. I picked it up from Torrid not too long ago and haven’t got the chance to wear it because I want the day to be perfect… But I love the turquoise belt it came with; so cute with the stripes!

Oh! My pancakes from Ncounter on Mill Ave. that I just had to share… How great do they look?!