The busy week…

Heck, this post should really be titled “the busy season” or “the busy life”… Things are so crazy right now! Between schoolwork, classes, work and friends,  I haven’t had much room to breath. I think it’s catching up with me because these past two days, I’ve been on the fritz and a lot has been setting me  off. I really shouldn’t be allowed to interact with people. 
I’m starting to cook more, which I really like. That also means more frequent trips to Trader Joe’s and coming home with a bouquet or two of flowers, but really, who’s complaining about that? 
I also decided to try and cut down my spending and try mixing more in my wardrobe that I already have and seeing what I truly need. Kind of a 30×30 in the style of Kendi from Kendi Everyday, but my entire closet until I can figure out how to budget well. Sounds like something I should be focusing on in these college years before I totally grow up, right? Yay for getting priorities straight!
Trader Joe’s is seriously the best market to go to around here… I love how easy and tasty their stuff is!

So pretty in Arizona right now! Even if the allergens are absolutely crazy and driving me nutty. Lately I’ve been loving the desert scenery; I must be going crazy.

Today is a very lazy day for me. And I’m realizing I seriously need to invest in a tripod for my Cannon because theses college bathroom mirror pictures aren’t exactly top notch.

My boyfriend and I made dinner for my dad and ourselves the other day and it was so fun! I love teamwork in the kitchen; it’s the true test of a relationship! Even if I did burn the garlic bread… I swear I’m getting better at cooking!