The weekend and the case of the” bleh” room.

I hope everyone’s weekend went well. I spent mine working and then never leaving bed. The never leaving bed part was really lovely. Got to watch a couple of movies…
Hunger Games, which I haven’t seen since it was in theatres.
And Sucker Punch… Which while trippy and cool was just too weird.
What did you guys  do this weekend? 
{I wanted to go on a picnic (the weather in the valley was gorgeous this weekend), but time got away from me! 
Did any locals get out to the swap on Sunday in Phoenix? I saw the event on instagram and it looked like so much fun; I’m definitely joining in next time.}
But really, tell me about your lives! I’d love to hear more about my wonderful followers and I could always use some inspiration and ideas of what to do on the weekends to come!

potential room look

potential room look by tulipstokissyouwith on Polyvore

So… my room has just felt really dumpy lately. Just, bleh.
Right now my desk is a card table.
No joke.
And finals week is coming up. So, feel free to kill me now.
I’m thinking of making my room a mix between vintage and modern… I think it can be done! Right now, I’m obsessing over bright colors, the world and DIY, so I believe my room is going to reflect that! I’m also incredibly obsessed with chevron (anyone who knows me knows that) and like weird, unique pieces!

I’m hopefully hitting up Ikea, Target, Ross, Home Goods and a vintage show this weekend to find some stuff; I’m so excited!