A new addition to the family…

Every time I’ve seen this blog post title I think…. BABY!!, but as I am in college, a baby is not in the game plan!
…. However, a puppy is.

Meet Sebastian!

I really wasn’t planning on getting a dog anytime soon.
Towards the end of high school I really wanted a puppy, but knew I was going to college in New York, so it was absolutely out of the question. I found some cute French Bulldog Puppies that I really wanted to get but I knew the timing was bad. Then, I came back and kind of felt an empty hole.
Lately I’ve been dreaming about it, but hadn’t really solidified anything. My boyfriend’s family got a new dachshund and I realized how much I wanted a dog to call my own.
That’s when I started firing my fingers on the keyboard looking for the perfect dog. I wanted something small, cuddly and easy to travel with. If you’re in a similar boat to the one I was in, you may want to check out somewhere like petvblog.com for a view on some of the best small dog breeds.
So, he we are: Now I own a yorkie pom (a hybrid between a yorkie and a pomeranian) and his name is Sebastian. He is such a sweetheart. Even if he does poop anywhere.
So, does anyone out there own a super small dog? A yorkie? Pomeranian? I could definitely use some advice. I haven’t had a puppy in so long and when I did I was probably four years old, so I would appreciate the help!

Some of my friends have already been giving me some tips. For example, one of my friends gave me some really useful advice. She said that I should probably look at some chew proof dog beds for my puppy. This is a good idea, especially since puppies are usually trying to bite everything when they’re going through their teething phase. I don’t want to have to purchase multiple beds for my new dog, so that was a really helpful piece of advice. If anyone else has any good advice, please let me know!