So, I don’t know how many of you guys had finals last week/this week/or you just remember then or dread them in the future… But they are hell. 
Hence my lack of presence on my blog (I’m sorry! 🙁 )
The funny thing about finals week is that you usually end up cleaning your room instead of studying because you’re so stressed.
I also calculated what I needed to get an A in my classes.
And pulled a couple all-nighters which were super fun.
Threw a project together last minute and got 100%.
Got a C on a take home exam (I don’t understand how that’s possible)
Bought 5 or so new dresses (I have a problem)
And found out my dog had a parasite so had to constantly administer his medicine.
And yesterday my boyfriend cut his leg on metal and had to go to the hospital and get stitches.
Today I bought 3 bouquets of flowers. One for my mom and two just because.
This sums up my week:

But you know what?
It’s really all worth it.
Because now I’m closer to graduating.
I’m closer to starting my career.
It’s summer.
I can work more hours at my job.
Which means I can shop more I can save more money for my future
I have more time to spend with my friends, family and dog.
And I’m alive. 
I somehow survived this semester.
Two B’s and the rest A’s? Not too shabby for overloading myself.
Plus, I’ve got next semester to look forward to: photography, writing… The best.
So, you could say I’m pretty content.