oh my lanta.

I swear, you realize you’re growing up when summer just doesn’t feel like summer. Working 9-2 feels like a full time job and takes a lot out of me. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a b-12 deficiency. What does that entail? Decreased energy, a bad metabolism, mood swings and just craziness; it really sucks, to be honest. It’s uncomfortable when you actually get 9 hours of sleep and still want to kill everyone who crosses your path… For that, I apologize.

Anyhow. What has happened since the last post? Hm. Well. I’ve got teal hair now.

I love it quite a lot, actually. So fun!


Ma?ana. by tulipstokissyouwith featuring mac cosmetics lipstick

Figured I should post what I’m wearing tomorrow too! Found this denim vest the other day and I am SO obsessed with it!