Settling in.

We just got done moving (and there’s still stuff to be moved in, yet) and I’ve been absolutely pooped due to it. You know when you’re in a rut and you’re trying so hard to drag yourself out of it, that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the last couple of weeks and boy has it been a doozy…. Yet, I’ve somehow found time for TV shows (Food Network and Sex and the City are just so addicting), bubble baths and lots of reading. I’m just glad we’ve finally been able to settle in a bit; today is the first time in a couple weeks that I’ve been able to open my laptop out of leisure!
I’ve been on an interior design kick again. It’s killing my wallet, but warming my heart, for sure! The house is already looking much better than when we first moved in. I’ve just bought some mural wallpaper for our bedroom and I’m currently in the process of buying a sofa. It’s all so exciting!
I got this little cutie of a bread box for less than $4 and I am so excited to do something with it. I’m considering painting it a cheery color, but as I’m digging white lately, I might just change the knob and leave it as is.

Also, discovered the app “A Beautiful Mess”… You can find it on the App Store! With it you can add awesome filters, fonts, doodles and frames… I love it! And for 99 cents (and 99 cents for each of the extra add ons inside the app– so worth it) it is an awesome app that spiffs up your pictures!

I am missing Disneyland so much right now… It is ridiculous! I’m seriously counting down the days until it’s time to go back! Can’t wait for the D23 Expo in August.

Imagine Dragons came to Phoenix on Monday and they were incredible.?The opening acts, X Ambassadors and Nico Vega, were also pretty awesome too; you should check them out if you’re into Imagine Dragons or other indie bands… Gotta love it! They were all incredible live performers and I’d love to see them again. But right now I’m looking forward to seeing She & Him in about 9 days… Ahh!?
So, that’s pretty much me playing catch up, and I’m gonna leave ya’ll with a story… Hope your weekends are all going well!
Sunday Story
The other day, one of my favorite local shops, “decordeals” (on Instagram), posted on Instagram that they were selling this awesome world map, something I’ve been looking for forever.

So, I automatically texted her, telling her I’d take it.?

We went over to her house, I paid her for the map and we took it outside… I was just too ecstatic to be thinking logically because…

It just didn’t fit in my car.?

So, we grabbed some twine and strapped it to the roof which I was incredibly nervous about, but once it was up, I saw it would work.?

We were just driving along… And just to let you know the difference from house to house is probably 25 minutes by the freeway and we were taking surface streets… And my little butt was getting impatient. So, I told my boyfriend “Oh, I’m sure it will be just fine if we take the 60 [freeway]”.?

And boy was I wrong. (And a flat out idiot; I have no idea what I was thinking.)

Probably needless to say, as I believe my readers are probably much more intelligent than eye, the map flew off of my little Mazda and broke in half. It sailed behind us like a kite down the freeway in the middle of rush hour.

And I lost it.?

Looking back, I’m kind of upset at myself at my impatience. It’s just a reminder that we really need to have patience to make things work, we can’t just take the freeway in life; sometimes we have to take the surface streets.

My dad found half of the map driving home from dinner and brought it over… So now I’ve got the northern hemisphere of my beautiful map hidden in a corner because I’m kind of ashamed to look at it. Just a tidbit of my life to think on. Hopefully someone will see my mistake and learn from it themselves before they suffer like I did (even if it was just a map).