(A Late) These Are a Few of My Favorite Things Friday!

The Original Chopshop
in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ.
I am honestly completely and totally in love with this place; it’s official. What they offer is always incredibly fresh. Their kale caesar is a great lunch salad and the acai bowl makes an amazing breakfast! Have you ever had an acai bowl? I just tried my first one today and it was amazing… Just so delicious! If you stop by, be sure to try my favorites! They’re the cucumber mint lemonade (new to me today, but I’m in love), the acai bowl (new to me, again, but so stinking delicious), the slim squeeze (a delicious fresh made juice) or pi?a kale-ada (Super yummy and even has kale in it, so you’re getting plenty of nutrients!) I really just love the atmosphere of the Chopshop with all of the activity going on around you while you try and relax a little. It reminds me of New York, which makes me a little less city-sick.
#2 Shopping.

…Courtesy of Celebrity Encore* (an amazing consignment shop across the street-ish from Chop Shop in Old Town Scottsdale) and Torrid’s amazing deals and threads!
Today I stumbled into Celebrity Encore and was oh so pleasantly surprised. I was looking at clothes and ended up by the counter… Where a beautiful pair of Marc Jacobs mary jane style heels essentially started glowing in my mind. I wore those heels the rest of my time in the store (where I found some other amazing pieces) and wasn’t even having that much trouble walking in them either! They’re magic shoes, I tell ya! Plus, the ladies who own the shop are the sweetest and are great at putting looks together! They get an A+ for both customer service and clothing quality!
If you look above, the first five are all things I bought at Celebrity today… They’ve got some amazing stuff, so it was hard to limit it down to even just this. The only thing I haven’t taken pictures of yet are my new Marc Jacobs pumps and a little brown saddle bag! They’re super cute too, though!
Another amazing place that I love to shop at is Torrid! It’s a plus size clothing company for sizes 12 and up… And I love them! They carry clothes that are amazing in quality and style… I’ve never came out empty handed. Today I went in for leggings and look what else I came out with! They have sales going on a lot, too. For instance, today they had a buy one get one half off sale plus they were giving out $25 in haute cash for every $50 you spend (where you spend $50 in the future and get $25 of)! The rest of the pieces here are from Torrid and I am absolutely smitten with them… So versatile, yet so unique!
#3 Getting my hair done.
I seriously love when I get a new cut/color… It makes me feel like a brand new woman! And I am especially digging my choices this time around… I love being a brunette!
#4 Mickey Ears.
Especially handmade ones, like these! I cannot wait to post a DIY tutorial for these babies. They are so easy to make and you can be incredibly creative with them! I bedazzled these up, but made another pair in blue and added a bow out of Toy Story ribbon which created the cutest pair of ears ever! Studding a pair is definitely on the list.
#4 Hospital gowns with cool patterns.
I felt like such a dork taking this picture, but I don’t even care… I just about took the gown! I am so drawn to this fabric and I’ve got no idea why… It’s just so awesome! And beats all of the other hospital gowns I’ve had to use!
#5 puppies in costumes.
My dog. Dressed as a dragon. Nuff’ said.
#6 Disney hair bows!
I am a Disney nut… And I’m especially crazy about Disneybound (basically where Disney inspires your everyday style). I got this one from Jaybee Pepper’s Boutique over on etsy and I am in love! I mean, I haven’t exactly received it yet, as I only ordered it a couple of days ago, but how perfect is it?! I can’t wait to Disneybound Ursula next week when I’m in Disneyland!
If you want to visit Celebrity Encore, their address is:
7121 E. Fifth Avenue,
Suite 21 
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
And you can call them at (480) 481-0176!
They’re a consignment shop, so they accept pieces if you want to bring some in to be looked at! Their qualifications for pieces are here on their website
I love supporting small businesses, so I will always talk about the ones I believe in! After all, why would I hoard all of my great information to myself? That wouldn’t be fair and you guys deserve to know all about these awesome little places, don’t you think?