Disneyland… In a Wheel Chair!

I realize these are probably some of the most random pictures ever, but they sum up my weekend in a nutshell! You know, except the wheelchair I was in for a day and a half. It’s kind of a funny story.?
not so much funny as pathetic, but you get the picture.
My knees like to try to see how far they can push me on the pain scale before I crash and burn and this weekend was one of those few times where I did crash. Hence the being in a wheelchair all day Sunday and half of Monday. Experiencing Disneyland in a wheelchair is a really weird experience, to be honest. It opens your eyes to a lot. Seeing how some people have to experience Disneyland all the time vs the “normal” way is really intriguing. Seeing from the eyes of someone shorter than myself, seeing how rides are accessed when you’re disabled, the disgusted looks people give you because they think you’re in the wheelchair to “skip lines” and that there’s nothing wrong with you… Can we just get one thing straight?
That’s apparently a little known fact. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fiasco with disabled people and that leading to changes to the GAC (Guest Assistance Card), but honestly? If you really?need the GAC, you’d be grateful to be in the position a “normal” guest is. For the disabled member in your party to feel as normal as possible. That’s why these people appreciate GAC; they get as close to a normal experience a general guest has as you can get. Some kids just can’t wait in line due to ADHD, ADD etc. and some can’t go through the lines because they’re in chairs, which most lines in Disneyland Park can’t accommodate because they were built before that was a priority. I really wish people wouldn’t take advantage of this system. There are people who truly need it and are grateful they’ve got it. Just because there are children and the elderly with mobility equipment doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a good time like the rest of us.
It’s not the people complaining who are; it’s the people who it affects for no reason. This was just driving me nuts after all the disgusting looks, second glances and whispering I had directed at me this weekend. There is such a thing as an illness that isn’t always visible, you know. And when the general wait for Space Mountain was 55 minutes? We waited an hour and fifteen in the wheelchair line. So, it’s not always better. If the park is busier, so is the wheelchair line. So blah. End of rant.
Otherwise, well even with the wheelchair, we had a really great time! We got to see Fantasmic!, World of Color and Aladdin. We even go to ride pretty much every attraction in both parks, so it was really great. Plus, I got my Ursula ears I was pining over so I was a very happy camper.