Getting into the Spirit about Four Months Early…

It might be weird to other people, but I kind of expect hearing Christmas music starting in August and September now… I guess that’s what caroling for a couple of years does to you! I actually caroled for two years in high school and we started around this time. The first year it was strange, but now I think it’s expected and when it doesn’t happen; boy is it weird! This year I’m actually caroling with Dickens Carolers and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s surprisingly refreshing to be singing Christmas songs this early on… I guess I just can’t wait for it to be winter. I’ve already stocked up on seasonal wax melts and candles from Yankee Candle… I am just so ready for summer to be gone! 
Speaking of winter and all of the beautiful things that come with it like cozy sweaters and hot drinks… The Starbucks Giveaway will be ending tonight at 9 PM Arizona Time! So make sure you’ve got your entries in!

I decided to try and keep it casual today and soak up the (hopefully) last rays of summer!
But who am I kidding? This is Arizona. I could probably get away with wearing this in December. But I digress…
Sebastian insists on getting his little body into as many pictures as he can, he’s such a glutton!
And my hair is seriously bothering me right now, as it looks red in some light, but brown in others! I definitely prefer the brown. I think, for once, I am in love with my hair!
**By the way, if anyone is paying close attention to my look and is wondering where my earrings are from? It’s RJoaz Gallery! They’re on a store vacation right now, until October, but once they return I know they’re going to be putting out some amazing pieces! They’ve got everything from key earrings, to vintage necklaces to knit gloves… You can find most anything, accessory-wise, and it’s all hand-made and incredibly beautiful so you should check them out! I might even be partnering up with them in the near future for a giveaway, so you’ll see this name here again later!