how to style a military vest.

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s weekends were great. Mine was spent being busy between caroling rehearsals, birthdays, my little sister’s homecoming and grocery shopping! What were you up to?

This whole military vest trend has really caught on. I think every fashion blogger has stampeded into their JC Penney to get their hands on this vest, especially. I’ve seen this vest and so many variations of it and its style popping up on the worldwide web, so I decided I seriously needed to write a post styling it. I mean, it is one of my favorite pieces in my closet, so maybe it will grow to be one of yours, too!

look #1

When styling a military-inspired piece, I like the keep the rest of the outfit feminine. Yes, the vest already has the bling on the color, but I don’t want it to come off as if I’m going on safari!
When choosing a top to go under the vest, I like to take cues from the gemmed collar. This serene blue-green really compliments the blue gem and I love it paired with the army green.
As for the jeans, I’ve been lusting over them for so long and just loved how they paired with the top. I like how they’re not too busy, but take things up a notch.
I’m having a flirtation with booties this week as I’m considering finally picking up a pair, so I decided to see what they’d look like with the rest of the outfit and loved it, so maybe this is the extra push I need to go for the booties! What do you guys think? Are you all for short booties?

Where to Wear: Coffee Shop, Class, Casual Date-Night, First Fridays in Phoenix.

look #2
I seriously love bright colors. Especially when they’re unexpected! Maybe this skirt does remind me of a banana a little bit, but I still really love it! I think of army green as a neutral. It’s so fun to play up with bright colors! This is definitely a look for when you want to stand out and make a statement. Plus, the shoes are absolutely fab.

Where to Wear: Club, art gallery openings (because I go to so many), night out on the town.

look #3
I can’t tell you exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with this look, I just like the quirkiness of it. Harem pants have somehow seized my heart on casual days, even though I loathe low crotch pant. And yes, these shoes have showed up once again.. I’m quite tempted to actually get them! I mean, every girl needs a pair of strappy heels, right?!
I’ve been pairing stripes with my vest a lot. I don’t know what it is about stripes, but I just love em’, especially with this olive color.

Where to wear: Date night, Sunday brunch in the city, night art festivals, a normal day.

How would you guys style this vest? I wanna see and hear about it! Comment below with your ideas!