It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!

So my broadway nerdiness seems to be consuming me today, so I’ve really got to get it out! I am so excited because Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is coming to ASU Gammage in just 5 days! There might only be a few of you that are familiar with broadway, but I’m going to talk about it anyway; broaden your horizons, people!
“This OUTRAGEOUSLY fun show tells the uplifting story of a trio of friends, on a road trip of a lifetime, who hop aboard a battered old bus searching for love and friendship in the middle of the Australian outback and end up finding more than they could ever have dreamed.”
{Via: ASU Gammage}
How could you not love that?!
It features songs like “It’s Raining Men”, “Material Girl”, “Shake Your Groove Thing”, “I Will Survive” and more! I can’t wait to groove to some of these songs (which I jam out to on a daily basis) and to see the fantastic costumes and stylings in the show! 
In case you guys were wondering why I post about Gammage, especially while talking about theatre, it’s because I am a part of a group called the “Gammage Goers”. We are 8 individuals who have a passion for broadway, the community and marketing! We basically help to get everybody pumped up for the shows that come to Gammage and even get to review them! I will always be honest about how I feel about a show, but to be honest, I’ve yet to see a bad show at Gammage. Some people don’t even know what broadway or Gammage is and my goal is to get more people to be passionate about theatre! And fashionistas, you now have an excuse to wear/buy that fancy dress you don’t really have an occasion to wear it for… So isn’t that good enough of an excuse?***
The show runs September 17th through the 22nd and you can buy tickets here, by phone at (480) 965-3434 or in person at the ASU Gammage Box Office. 
Don’t forget, students can get 50% best available tickets on the day of the show at the box office; just come with your student ID! This is how I get tickets 80% of the time, being on a tight budget, and I’ve gotten some fantastic seats! Definitely worth it.
Some fun show facts*:
1. It will take nine trucks to move the cast, crew, wardrobe and scenery here. Almost two trucks alone will be used for the 500-plus wild, colorful costumes packed in 40 wardrobe gondolas and another eight boxes alone for the wacky and outrageous hairpieces. 
{This makes me feel so much better about my own wardrobe. I mean, my life is a musical too, no?}
2.  There are 295 ostrich feather plumes in the costumes and headdresses.
{Poor ostriches…}
3. During the Broadway pre-tour run, there were 1,500 makeup remover wipes each week and 24 pairs of eyelashes for each performance.
{I’m pretty sure that’s more makeup wipes than I’ll use in 5 years, let alone a week!}
4. Each month, the cast goes through 175 tubes of lipstick, 75 pots of eye shadow and 2 pounds of glitter. Just to remove the glitter takes 12 rolls of packing tape a week.
{See, never feel guilty about using glitter. There will always be someone more glittered up than you.}
5. There are some 65 wig changes in the show, the fastest in 15 seconds.
{I feel a lot less confident in my hair skills. I can barely throw my hair in a pony that fast.}
6. there are more than 500 costumes, 60 wigs, 150 pairs of shoes and more than 200 hats and headdresses in the show.
{Yep, definitely feeling a lot better about my personal wardrobe.}
And with that, I’m leaving you with this picture…

*Facts were gathered from an article from the Las Vegas Sun with commentary supplied by myself.
** All pictures ?Joan Marcus
*** I receive tickets from ASU Gammage in exchange for reviewing these shows, but the opinions stated are 100% mine and true!