“It’s the First Time We’ve Ever Had a Rain Day at School!”

Good morning everyone! I hope that your Monday was wonderful… I know mine was! Not only was it raining and beautiful out (a rarity in Arizona), but I got my hair done! You’ll just have to wait to see it (you can get a sneak peek over on Instagram!: @sincerelydanirose). That alone seems to brighten up my day, but the new sweat pants from Victoria’s Secret helped, too!

I was a little iffy on this vest at first, but I think I can rock the camouflage! I threw this outfit together last minute; the rain and comfort being my #1 influence. I haven’t even worn these boots (that look more like shoes for a League of Legends champion that you might compete with thanks to Unranked LoL Accounts or something) and I’ve had them for about a year, so I’m glad that I finally got to take them for a spin!
The little one who decided to sneak into my pictures is my pup, Sebastian! It was raining outside and he, being the mischievous type, chose to follow me, but decided he didn’t like the rain enough to be alone in it; he wouldn’t leave my side!
Speaking of animals, here are pictures of a couple of my babies.

This is Zira (named after a character in the movie?The Lion King; it means “hate” in Swahili which I decided would be an ironic name for her because I got the cat without my mom’s permission and she’s allergic to cats.?Whoops. Sorry, mom.) She is an incredibly curious cat who has no fear of dogs or jumping down off the refrigerator. She’s the weirdest, but I love her nonetheless.?

And this is Mr. Sebastian. The cutest supposably yorkie-pomeranian (who really doesn’t look much like one.) He is incredibly obnoxious and playful, but when he cuddles, he is the sweetest. He is 100% mine and is my little bear!

For those of you who dwell in the “desert land” (Arizona; but yeah right after today), you know how beautiful/crazy it was today! I was watching the news last night and saw a guy who’s truck was almost completely submerged in water… Something we here aren’t really used to! There was some crazy flooding too, so I’m hoping those people’s houses are doing alright. I’m just happy I didn’t have to deal with it too much today; I definitely didn’t feel like driving through a river.
And I just love how on the news we see all these people being silly and driving through water… Let’s use our noggins, guys!?
Don’t forget, the contest for the Starbucks Giftcard is still going on; so enter!