fashionista on a budget: fall handbags.

I decided to start a series on my blog called “fashionista on a budget” because I realize how challenging it can be to find cute/quality things at a low price. I don’t really buy “expensive” things, unless they’re a classic investment piece, then I justify splurging a little. I have a leather purse that I clean all the time (you should consider cleaning your leather purse too!). I figured since I’m so gung-ho on saving when I can, especially on trendy pieces, that I might as well share some of the places I shop at and what I look at regarding different trends! Sound good everyone? Yes? Then let’s get this show on the road!
fall handbags.
I don’t know about you, but I like to have a go-to handbag for each season. With how much I tote around I usually end up wearing it out a bit, so I don’t like to spend a ton. With handbags, I like to stay under $50. I can justify $50+ if it’s for something neutral like a gray, a brown leather or black: this would count as an investment piece, but not for something trendy.?
Some of my fall handbag picks may be a bit of a splurge, but when they can crossover seasons, you can just take it into the next season and not have to worry about purchasing another handbag!?
I love how casual this bag is to just throw on and do anything with. I feel like it’d be especially great going to class, because it could fit a tablet and a small notebook along with your basics at least! The style is slouchy and oh-so fall… I’m kind of in love.
I cannot get enough of these Target bags! Especially this one… The colors and style are so bohemian! I like that it’s versatile enough for fall, but still such a unique piece!
Yes, this is a splurge and yes, it is worth it. Better Life Bags are handmade with utmost quality from what I’ve heard and I’d love to own one. They’re customized from fabric to leather to pockets and more! And they’ve got so many styles. You could choose a bag that works for all the seasons… They’re just too perfect! My personal favorite is the Molly, but there are so many other options that I’m sure you’ll find one that you love most!
When I lived in New York for a semester, I’d go into the city with either a baby bag or a huge hobo to carry groceries back in (because no white girl who is by herself wants to tote a ton of groceries on the subway and the Staten Island ferry), and this? This would have been the perfect baby bag for when I’d go into the city for fun rather than a grocery trip. The emerald color is so on trend and the size would definitely fit more than my cellphone. So great!
So! Those are my picks! You know, other than my two go-to Phillip Lim for Target bags, which I decided not to feature because I didn’t want to make it too hard on ya’ll who couldn’t get one! 🙁
Do you have a holy grail store for bags? Or do you kind of just wing it?
Splurge or save?
I wanna hear from you guys!