fashionista on a budget: jeans.

For this week’s installment of fashionista on a budget, I’d love to explore the topic of jeans. Jeans, the piece I wear nearly everyday whose shade, style and pairings can make or break the tone of an entire outfit! As a fashionista on a budget, I’m usually all for saving as much as possible, like going onto sites such as Unionbay for help, but jeans are a piece I will make a semi-decent investment on! I need my jeans to make my butt look good, be comfy, have different styling options and to last longer than a week and not rip when I’m bending down in Forever 21 to be a good samaritan and pick up a shirt that fell off a rack. Yep, riiiiiip! The moral of the story is never skimp on jeans.
top 3 places to find jeans on a budget.

#1 Torrid
For curvy girls looking for jeans, there is absolutely nowhere better than Torrid. They’ve got so many different styles, colors and pattern for sizes 12+ that are so hard to find otherwise! Not only are their jeans comfortable, but they are under $100 and fit amazingly! I’ve seen women go into Torrid in shapeless jeans and come out with amazing looking butts! Honestly, Torrid is such a game changer in the plus-size world. These skinny jeans are one of my favorite pairs!

#2 GAP
Let me tell you, I used to be a Gap girl. I went through a phase where there was nothing better in my eyes and thought everything at gap was the HG on clothing… So I know a bit about the product. My personal favorite, and now my mom’s favorite too, is?the 1969 Real Straight jeans!
The quality of gap jeans is really unparalleled. I haven’t been in there in a while, because I’ve been getting what jeans I need at Torrid being that they took the Gap out of our mall a couple years ago… I was so angry! I really need to stop in there again.
#3 Kohl’s
I know, you would not expect Kohl’s to have awesome jeans, but if you do a little digging, you can definitely find some great pairs at great prices! I’m partial to the LC (Lauren Conrad) and Elle lines… I’ve always liked the fit of their skinnies! But there are so many other choices there, too, that I’m sure you’ll be able to find a fit for your body type and style! I love this pair of LC skinnies… I’m pretty sure I have nearly 3 pairs. Jeans there are usually less than $40, so out of my 3 choices, Kohl’s definitely offers the cheapest options!
Honorable Mentions
Target // I’ve never had any luck with jeans here, but other people seem to, so maybe I’m just crazy!
Lucky Brand jeans // I mention these only because I see them in Costco all the time for $30-$40 and they look really good on!
Old Navy // This is a last minute add-in… I got khakis from here that I love at least! Their jeans I’ve liked enough, but are never on sale when I’m at ON! I really need to bite the bullet.

Where do you get your jeans? I’d love to hear!