how to style maroon skinny jeans.

I absolutely love maroon skinny jeans. So much so that I actually have 2 pairs. Sometimes people see colored skinny jeans as unapproachable, but they’re so versatile. They really have the ability to pull an outfit together!

look #1

I love this look because it incorporates unexpected color combos. I love the combination of gray and maroon together, too! So warm.
look #2
Any type of skinny jeans with a sweater and riding boots just reads perfection to me. The fact that they’re maroon just escalates the look to a whole new level! Then add in a mustard handbag and now we’re really talking.
look #3
I love this punk rock look. Would be so fun to wear to a concert or to some artsy thing. I just love when people can pull off this style; it’s so classically chic!

Or. You could be me and without realizing it, wear Christmas colors. With camo.