street style: Brittany S.

For this week’s installment of “Street Style”, my friend Brittany has been kind enough to lend her fashionista-ness to me for your viewing and reading pleasure! 
Brittany is one of my closest friends and is the epitome of a girl with an amazing body and heart! I’d say she is very bold in her fashion sense and has come such a long way, from nothing but sparkles, to a refined beauty in the time I’ve known her! 

“Jane of the Concrete Jungle”

“Rebel Child”

“Miss In Charge”
Aren’t these looks she’s shared fabulous? “Miss In Charge” (she even named these! I’m a proud mama style and writing bear!) reminds me of a print ad and is just so fabulous. It is a culmination of all things Brittany and just shows off her style so much!
If you guys remember, I talked about Brittany in my “Last Minute Halloween Costumes” Post (Which you can find HERE)! The corset in her first two looks is the corset she used for her Catwoman Halloween costume! It just shows how versatile some pieces can be, you know? I think the corset is perfect for her. And guess what? It was even from Charlotte Russe! So a deal and an amazing piece? Win, win situation.

I asked Brittany a few questions about her fashion sense!

What are the three words you’d use to describe your style?
“1: Urban. 2: Bold. 3: Skin-tight. (I know that’s two words, but come on, everything I own is form-fitting.)”

Where did you get that fabulous jacket?!
I quote our conversation, exactly. “It’s Armani
got it at Macy’s, Jessica Simpson line. It makes me feel like a million bucks or some Rap goddess when I wear it
Its made out of lemur
HAHA im so funny
no its faux OF COURSE
Rapper goddess*”

What’s the first thing you reach for when you’re running late?
“Late? I’m never late. Okay, maybe a little fashionably late. The first thing I reach for is a pair of jeans. Obviously, they’re versatile so they can match any top or blouse I choose in a hurry.
However, to avoid this problem I always make sure I have an idea of what I want my outfit to look like the night before.”

If you had to shop at the same 3 places for the rest of your life, where would you shop?
“If I had to shop somewhere for the rest of my life i would shop in the Dancing With the Stars costume closet,  Paris Hilton’s closet, & Victoria Secret (a little lingerie never killed nobody)”

How has Arizona effected how you dress?
“Living in Arizona has taught me to completely abandon those heavy snow jackets & boots I would have to wear in the winter months in Chicago. And just so it’s known, I refuse to ever purchase a pair of Uggs.
West coast style is different from the East coast. And AZ is like the the gate to Hell so he’s 10 million degrees hot so tank tops & short shorts are a must to function. I’ve always dressed preppy. Especially coming from Chicago. so, living in AZ made me learn how to dress more beachy but still preppy.”

Thank you, Brittany, for contributing this week! It was great talking to you and exploring your style!

Want to be a part of street style? I’m looking for people to feature and would love to get opinions and looks from people all over! It’d be so cool to have a style look book of features from everywhere from Arizona to North Carolina to Florida to England to Japan… From everywhere!

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