the autumn tag.

I got tagged by Yuen over on the craziest paradigm! Well, she tagged anyone who felt like doing this, but I took that as a very open invitation! Plus, what better way to start off October than by talking about autumn?! 
Favourite thing about Autumn?
Hot drinks, riding boots, scarves and sweater weather. My wardrobe is pretty much geared towards fall/winter, so it’s pretty much my favorite time of the year! Living in New York for a semester (where there are actually seasons, unlike arizona), really cultivated my sense of fall style.
Favourite Drink?
Pumpkin Spice Lattes or thai iced tea with boba, while it’s still hot out.
Favourite Scent/Candle?
Oh my gracious I am ridiculously obsessed with candles. I like so many different types that it’s so hard to choose! I like stuff that smells like pine and Christmas… Like, year-round. I’m ridiculous. 
Best Lipstick?
I think the lipstick I use most is from Revlon… I use it not only on my lips, but as a cheek stain! That’s when it’s my favorite.
Go-to Moisturiser?
I am in love with Korres’ greek yoghurt moisturizing face cream. It’s so refreshing!
Go-to Colour for the Eyes?
Anything in my Naked palate! Especially virgin and sin. They make my eyes pop like crazy! They’re beautiful champagne-ish colors that I can’t get enough of.
Favourite Music to Listen to?
I don’t especially have any favorite genres. But lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Fun, country music, Lorde and silly Disney music. Such is life. The Fun channel on Pandora has been my jam in the car lately.
Favourite Outfit to Wear?
A sweater with a collared shirt underneath, skinny jeans and riding boots. Holding a structure bag. My hair waved. Carrying a knit hat just in case it gets chillier. 
A girl can dream, right?
Autumn Treat?
Cookies! Lots and lots of yummy cookies.
Favorite Place to Be?
Outside! Hyped up on Allegra, of course. SanTan in Gilbert is so fun at night, too! When it actually feels like it just might be autumn. 
I tag:
Honestly? Anyone and everyone! I get so jealous over people who get tagged sometimes, so I’d love to spread the love.