Torrid love.

The amount that I love Torrid is actually kind of ridiculous. Torrid is a plus-size fashion company that instills so much confidence in plus-sized girls. They cater to women’s sized 12-28 and offer some amazing pieces. Just by going into Torrid, I’ve noticed the positive impact on women that it instills. It’s amazing to see a woman who has never had a piece of clothing ever fit her well, find something that expresses who she is and allows her to be who she wants to be. It can be hard being a plus-size girl. Shopping, it seems like everything is meant for skinny minnies or matronly women. The plus-size world is growing and I believe Torrid is at the heart of it all. It’s amazing to find a piece of hope for confidence and expression for plus-size girls right in the middle of our little mall. 
I actually went shopping at Torrid yesterday (using my Haute Cash; yay!) and wanted to share a few of the amazing pieces I got!

Brocade & Chiffon Babydoll | Torrid

This Brocade & Chiffon Babydoll is seriously gorgeous on. You can’t tell in the picture, but the bodice is a lovely brocade fabric that looks so elegant! I am so excited to style this top with colored skinnies, patterned skinnies, plain skinnies, blazers, pencil skirts… The sky is really the limit with this top! 
Fur Trimmed Twill Parka Coat | Torrid

You know, I could probably go on for hours about this Fur Trimmed Twill Parka Coat. So what if it’s still 80 outside?! I’ve got my mind on the colder months and this baby is coming with me. I am fully embracing the military trend this year. I just love how easy it would be to throw this over a simple outfit to make it more stylish! Plus, it looks great both open and zipped up, which I can’t say about too many jackets! My favorite things about this jacket are the drawstrings that make it so you can have a defined waist and the fact that the fur is even removable! I mean, how cool is that?

The Skinny Darkwash jeans are my HG of denim. I have 3 pairs of Torrid skinnies now and I just love them so much! The fit is amazing, the washes stay and they just look so great on! I’d definitely recommend Torrid jeans if you’re 12+ and have trouble finding jeans that decrease muffin top, keep it all in and are still comfy!

Torrid Denim - Floral Print Super Skinny Stiletto Jeans | Torrid

When I saw these Floral Super Skinny Stiletto Jeans, I died! …Especially because they were on clearance! I can’t wait to style these; I’ve got so many options! I love pieces that I can throw on with something easy, like a black blouse, and still look pulled together. I think these will definitely be one of those pieces!

Lace Back Sweater Dress | Torrid
Lace Back Sweater Dress | Torrid

And last but certainly not least, this Lace Back Sweater Dress. How gorgeous is this dress?! This color, plus the cut in the front, plus the lace? So perfect! I’m just imagining this dress with black tights and boots. Sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, watching the leaves fall from the trees outside… Eh, who am I kidding? This is Arizona. But I suppose I could pretend.
Are any of you guys “curvy” gals? If so, where do you like to shop? I’m always looking for new places and would love to hear what you’ve got to say!