whosits and whatsits galore.

lol jk. no.?
Not right now, anyway. A nice, normal fall would suffice for sure. This week has felt so busy, despite the fact that I really haven’t been busy, just busying myself. Caroling rehearsals have kicked into gear! Singing Christmas songs while it’s 85 degrees out is a little strange, but I’m getting used to it! I even got assigned my costume yesterday… Yay!?
We’re also cleaning up around at home. My room got a beating (and now the dust is all up in the air and murdering my soul) and we’re in the process of going through everything in the house so that there’s less to move once we put in our new flooring. Boy is it all a pain! Hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end.
My room is coming along nicely! I’m doing my best to mix my love of Disney and style: so far I’m loving it. I seriously haven’t gone through some of the stuff in my room for ages… I found my portable disc player at arm’s length if that tells you anything.
Wall Collage
Of course, some of that “overwhelming business” was due to me putting my pup’s fashion as a priority on my list… But how cute does he look?!
And maybe a little of that time was spent playing Pokemon X… Just maybe. There’s nothing like unwinding at the end of the day with GBA ROMs on Gamulator or a similar website.
A little shopping might have been involved, too. Seriously guys… Second Friday in Downtown Mesa is awesome. Especially when you find a booth as cool as The Robot Princess where you can get, like, seven different types of dinosaur earrings. For reallies.
2nd Friday Finds
And maybe a new piercing? I found out this weekend that I am not as much as a fraidy cat as I once was. And thanks to that, I now sport a cute little jewel in my right ear! Holla!
Double piercing
And sometimes, you’ve just got to make time for a hot dog with a goodhearted, Chicagoan friend who makes your life by taking you to the best place ever (Portillo’s, duh!) before you suck it up and get your ears pierced. Thank you Brittany! <3
Oh and happy, day late, totally posted Tuesday, ya’ll! Go link up!