2nd Friday: Steampunk Street VI

This Friday, November 8th! 

6-10 PM

There is a great even here in Downtown Mesa, Arizona called “Second Fridays” where artists (some from Mesa, some from other places in the valley) get together to set up booths for jewelry, art and more! There’s always live music and liveliness at these events, so if you’re looking for something to do on your Friday night; I’d suggest going to this event! It’s free, but you can purchase food, art, jewelry, comics… There is so much awesome stuff!

There is even a Steampunk costume contest this Friday. It’s at 8 PM and you meet on the patio of the OneOhOne Gallery at 101 W. Main. You won’t miss it, because there’ll be a crowd of people in crazy costumes! It’s a spectacle to watch for sure, even if you’re not participating.

This is kind of a shameless plug for both my town and my mom’s business: RJoaz Gallery! She crafts jewelry made from the natural items, such as stones and feathers, found in Alaska and Arizona! She also crochets some super cute gloves that I’m buying about 10 pairs of this season. 

These gorgeous gloves are so cute and warm!

This is probably one of my favorite necklaces that she’s ever crafted. It’s sort of a Mickey-Steampunk combo!

New earrings that I am in love with.

“Meticulously Hand-crafted by myself using Alaskan Willow Grouse Feathers and Arizona Turquoise along with previously unused Vintage Brass Components salvaged from a former East Coast jewelry designer’s collection.”

These ombre gloves are definitely a favorite of mine! When you’re wearing a coat, you can cover up the pink if it’s too girly, but you know it’s always there, which is just so fun!

If you’re interested and don’t live in the area, she has an Etsy! R. Joaz Gallery!

You can also like R. Joaz on Facebook for sneak peaks of what’s coming! She even runs contests!

But as for my Arizonians, we better see you out at Second Friday! There’ll be a special discount for those of you who mention my blog, so make sure to stop by! After all, jewelry is never a bad idea and Christmas is right around the corner!