Reading: Adulting. And my textbooks. Well, I should be reading my textbooks anyway. I’m really enjoying Adulting, though. I have this strange obsession with self-help and life guidance books. I find what other people think and how they organize their lives to be so interesting. That’s part of the reason I find blogs so intriguing as well. Adulting has a ton of tips for, well, becoming an adult, which is actually helpful as I’m moving through life as clueless as ever. Guidance in the form of text is just lovely.

Doing: Regretting staying up late, but doing it anyway. I know that I really need to get myself on a schedule. I’m also trying to organize my life, both physically and on-paper. I’m planning on moving out early January and really want to have everything together by then. My plan is to be completely organized when I move so I can start on a fresh, clean slate.

Feeling Thankful: I’m feeling thankful for being in school, having too much to do that I can’t sleep and having the ability to write no mater what. I’m realizing how grateful I am for the smaller things that I’ve always taken for granted and it’s really making a difference.

Watching: Currently? Good Luck Charlie. This show is just too darn cute. The past couple of weeks I’ve been watching a lot of Dexter, re-watching Gossip Girl, loving this season of Once Upon a Time and realizing that Castle has to be one of my favorite shows, ever.

Working on: Like I said, organizing my life. I’m realizing that I write a ton of lists. I think I need to take that and make it productive. I really just need to make everything about my life more productive. In true teenage fashion, I’m trying to find myself. Finding a daily makeup look, doing my hair differently everyday, getting dressed everyday. I know that these things make me feel one hundred times better, so I’ve just got to commit to it.

Loving: working towards a bright future. the fact that Christmas is coming. natural lighting and the inspiration that comes from it. puppies who jump all over you. cuddly sweaters.

Feel free to do your own “currently” post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out! And thanks to Danielle from Something Sweet for inviting us to join in on the “currently” posts and her friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts. Go check out their blogs!