october picks // november predictions.

From my obsession with scarves to new finds, there’s always things that re-appear from week to week in different various months! Have you ever noticed that you’re wearing the same pieces over and over again? It’s great to take a consensus of the month and make something out of it, be it expanding on something you’re into already, or being sure to switch things up from month to month! I know I’m guilty of wearing the same thing over again and that’s something I want to work on!

october picks
1. Black dressy shirt.
Okay, this shirt isn’t super dressy, but it at least looks a lot better than just a t-shirt! It’s so versatile and that’s what I love about it, even though I keep just wearing it with jeans… I think I need to be adventurous and branch out more!

2. Nude circle scarf.
Well, scarves in general. I have an obsession. A t-shirt with a scarf? The usual when I need to jump out of bed and get to school. I really need to find a more creative way to work scarves.

3. Bold brows.
I seriously love the bold eyebrow trend that’s still happening. Eyebrows show so much personality and emotion! Having naturally light brows doesn’t do much for me, so this Anastasia Brow Gel is a savior in a tube.

4. Yellow Phillip Lim for Target purse.
I will forever be obsessed with this purse and you can’t stop me.

5. Leather riding boots.
I think it’s okay that I wear these almost religiously. They make an outfit polished in an instant and every wear makes my cost per wear smaller and smaller… This splurge was so worth it!

november predictions
1. Chambray shirt.
I think I’m going to be utilizing chambray shirts a lot in November. Just today, I wore one under a sweatshirt and it was so cute! My goal is to find out how to make the shirt as versatile as possible.

2. Army jacket.
As it gets cooler and cooler outside, my hopes are getting higher and higher that I get to wear this jacket soon! It is so comfy and stylish; I definitely can’t resist it!

3. Patterned jeans.
I’m determined to wear more patterned and colored jeans this November, instead of wearing the same old dark-wash denim everyday! That way, too, I can have the excuse of just wearing a tee and a scarf!

4. Dark lips.
Especially a wine color. I want to find colors that work for me and have the staying power to get through a day of singing, work and school! Any suggestions?

5. Leather riding boots.
Like I said, I feel no guilt for frequenting these boots!

We’ll see in a month how true these predictions are! Until then, what are your picks? Have we got anything in common? Let’s talk about it below! 

Also, happy totally posted Tuesday… Even if it is Wednesday now. 😉
Glossy Blonde