on this day of thanks…

Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals! I hope you’re all getting to spend it with your friends and families! 
I’m lucky enough to get to spend most of the day with my loved ones, but will be heading to work starting at midnight and pretty much going until 9 PM the next day… Prayers that I get through the 24 hours would be greatly appreciated! I’m trying to get a Keurig this black Friday too, so hopefully that’ll be the light at the end of the long work day tunnel.
I can’t wait to chow down on my gluten-free pumpkin pie later. YUM!
Five Things I’m Thankful For
1. Having a house, food and a safe environment.
2. Being able to go to college.
3. Having people who care about me.
4. Being blessed with choices for the future.
5. Creativity.

What are you thankful for on this day of thanks?