street style: Ashley N.

For this week’s installment of “Street Style”, my friend Ashley has been kind enough to lend her fashionista-ness to me for your viewing and reading pleasure! 
I know Ashley from high school, where we were in choir together! She is so incredibly bubbly and awesome! She’s going to BYU Provo right now, so this is her fall Utah style!

I love Ashley’s use of summer/spring pieces transcending into fall! It’s awesome how boots and a cardigan can really change an entire look! And how cute are her poses?! Being stuck in Arizona, I’m so jealous of the fall weather Utah got before us! I mean, it was snowing yesterday for goodness sake! 
I asked Ashley a few questions about her style!
What are three words you’d use to describe your style?
“Girly, cutesy and twee.”
What’s your favorite season for fashion? Why?
“Spring, definitely! I love pastels and lace and short skirts.”
Who is your photographer?
“My photographer is my fabulous roommate, Kinsey.”
If you had to shop at 3 places for the rest of your life, where would you?
“I could probably survive forever shopping at Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Target.”
How does living in Utah effect your style? 
“Utah (especially Provo, where I live) is notorious for having lots of really pretty girls. All of us kind of lean towards the same sense of style, which is, as I would call it, ‘pinterest-y.’ It’s very matchy-matchy, and denim shirts and sweaters with statement necklaces are really big here, especially when it starts to get colder. It’s hard to stand out in such a crowd of cute girls! I try to add at least one interesting piece to every outfit to distinguish myself.”
Favorite piece in your closet?
“Right now my favorite piece is my oversized blue sweater (I’m wearing it in a couple of the pictures). It’s super comfy and warm, which is great for how chilly it’s getting, and it goes with just about anything I wear. It’s good for dressing down a skirt, or wearing with patterned leggings for a more indie-ish vibe. Plus it’s blue, which is a big color this fall!”
Thank you, Ashley, for contributing this week! It was great talking to you and exploring your style! Hope everything keeps going great at BYU! 

Want to be a part of street style? I’m looking for people to feature and would love to get opinions and looks from people all over! It’d be so cool to have a style look book of features from everywhere from Arizona to North Carolina to Florida to England to Japan… From everywhere!

To be a part of this series, just email me at and I’ll be more than happy to respond with the criteria! I’d love for you to take part in this!

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