styling my modcloth stylish surprises!

So I bit when Modcloth had their stylish surprises released for a mobile sale! $15 for a mystery clothing item, $15 for shoes and $5 for an accessory? I’m hooked!

styling chinese laundry shoes

I love these Chinese Laundry flats that I got! They’re not very comfortable, which is a downside, but I’m hoping I can break them in! They’re super cute and vintage-y looking, so I love them! Fingers-crossed for these shoes to work out!

gold clutch
The other accessory I got was a crazy gold clutch that I’m so excited to break out for New Years! I love the statement it makes and how perfect this clutch will be for the holiday season!

styling my new modcloth scarf
So, the scarf I received doesn’t look exactly like this, it’s actually a sort of tube/circle scarf that can be used as a scarf/hood at the same time as well! It’s adorable and so European that I just can’t get over it. I’d love to be able to wear this outfit, but it’s simply just not cold enough yet! Fingers crossed that we get some freak snow storm or something!

styling my new "A Toast to Julie Dress"
This is probably my favorite dress. I mean, how perfect is a toaster dress for me?! Especially with it being yellow and having polka dots and pockets? We’re a match made in heaven I tell ya.

Have you guys ever gotten a stylish surprise from ModCloth?