babyGap does Paddington Bear… And it’s too adorable to miss.

Okay, so no, I am not a mom, but I really have to post about this new babyGap collection based on Paddington Bear, the cutest little bear in the most adorable little slicker and rain boots. I need a child to dress right now! If I had a youngin’, they’d probably be wearing at least half of this collection. I love the classic literary flair each of the pieces have, while still being very versatile pieces. I am so obsessed with this little collection that I want to buy some pieces for my future child. That is just how cute everything is. I grew up with the book Paddington Bear, so this collection is just a blast from my awesome childhood literary past.

Gap Paddington Bear For Babygap Rainboots - rain slicker yellow

These rain boots are perfect. Every baby needs a pair of yellow rain boots. I mean, if I lived somewhere where it rained more than twice a year, I’d own a pair too.
Gap Paddington Bear For Babygap Rain Parka - electric blue
How about this adorable Paddington Bear inspired rain parka? The toggles are simply adorable. Again, I need this in adult sizes, stat!
There’s even a little trench coat! Who can resist a child sized trench with a cute lining pattern?
Gap Flower Knit Waist Skinny Jeans - ivory frost
… And knit pants to match that adorable lining? I’m sold.
Paddington Bear? for babyGap days-of-the-week bodysuit (7-pack) | Gap

And for those who are still in onesies, how about these days of the week bodysuits? Way too cute.

I really hope you fantastic mommies and mommies to be enjoy this post! Even if you aren’t a mommy, kids clothing is just too cute to ignore. You can check out the rest of the collection here. I just went to and searched “Paddington Bear.”

This post was not sponsored by Gap; I just got an email about the collection and got inspired.