gluten free restaurant list!

So eating gluten free is crazy hard! Especially for this college girl on the go. Taco Bell? Out of the question… Unless you’re in the mood for a vegetarian cantina bowl (which still has a crazy possibility of cross contamination). Anywhere in the food court on my 30 minute lunch break? Forget it! Eating at home is usually the easiest option, but it can be nice to have the option to go out sometimes, too. I’d like to share with you some of my favorite restaurants, grocery store items and some of the amazing goods that can be found at somewhere like this gluten free bakery! Whether you’re confined to gluten-free options, or are just here based on curiosity, I think you’ll find this post pretty ?interesting!
Eating Out
Red Robin
I was so excited to find out that Red Robin has gluten free buns! Not only that, but they fry the fries of gluten intolerant people in a different fryer than the normal fries to avoid cross-contamination.
ChopShop Company
ChopShop is the Not only do they have wonderful gluten free oatmeal cookies, but they can make any sandwich or even salads a gluten free wrap! How cool is that? Even if you’re not gluten free you have to check this place out if you live in AZ and haven’t checked it out already. My favorite juice is the slim squeeze.
Applebee’s at least has a gluten free menu. There may be cross-contamination, but if you’re not super sensitive you should be fine! My favorite dish is the fiesta lime chicken!

Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli has gluten free bread that actually tastes like real bread! They warn you that there may be cross contamination, but I haven’t had any problems so far! Their food is yummy and cost effective, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Gluten Free Creations Bakery
GFC is a mecca of gluten free goodness. They have a cafe that you can eat in and an entire wall of freezers with absolutely delicious gluten free goods! The cinnamon roll I had there about a month ago was drool-worthy… I can’t wait to try their donuts!

Liberty Market
Liberty Market is great for accomodating GF peeps. The GF bread is awesome and they have other options as well! The ambiance is awesome and the food is too! You’ve definitely got to check out this Downtown Gilbert favorite.?

I had some pretty good bread at Chompie’s the other day… And great bread is something I will always ?be on the lookout for. They also sell the bread/bagels at their bakery so you can take some home!

Costa Vida
Everything at Costa Vida is gluten free, sans the flour tortillas. It’s way awesome. I love the small sweet pork nachos… They are to die for!

Chipotle is pretty safe, fast food wise, if you’re looking for something yummy! Their tortillas aren’t gluten free, but I usually get a bowl anyways!
Sauce has some of the greatest gluten free pizza I’ve had.?
Rigatony’s has gluten free pasta that doesn’t taste like cardboard! They have a lunch special where you can get salad and a pasta bowl with any sauce and a mix in (spinach, sausage, chicken etc) for a great price. I had the chicken with marinara last time. We got a side of saut?ed spinach that was amazing though, so I’m definitely going to have to try a lighter sauce with spinach the next time I eat there. Spinach plus olive oil and yummy pasta sounds amazing right now.

I’m iffy about Picazzo’s. The food is okay, but for the prices I’d expect a little more. It prides itself on being gluten free/organic, but the quality just isn’t there yet! It’s worth a look, especially during happy hour because how can you turn down half priced gluten free garlic bread?! And once again, I’m a sucker for their spinach.
True Foods Kitchen
They have quite a few gluten free options! I love their veggie bowl. I could eat it and only it for days and be content. It’s full of unique and exotic vegetables along with standards like carrots and cucumber! Seriously so refreshing.

PF Chang’s
PF Chang’s has a pretty comprehensive gluten free menu! Their gluten free fried rice is awesome. They even have separate gluten free sauce.

One of the few places I’ve seen that has gluten free soy sauce! Otherwise, if I’m craving sushi, I carry around packets of gluten free soy sauce that I got from Whole Foods! Contamination-wise, I kind of cut it close at that point, but if I’m careful, I usually don’t have any problems.

They are my go-to for gluten free on the go! I know I can trust these huge safety pin-wearing peeps with my food! Just order your burger protein style and tell them you’re gluten free and they’ll help you out!

That’s all that I’ve got for now, but I’ll definitely be adding more as time goes on! Keep a look out for the gluten free grocery item installation next!