Some transitions in life are nuts. This semester I made the switch from community college to a large university with nearly 70,000 students in attendance. Yes, the change has been crazy, with moving out, a new place, being on my own… But it has been amazing, too. It’s hard to have so much change at one time, but it can be good for a person, too. Arizona State is such a cool school though! Especially Cronkite, the school I’m attending for journalism. 
After I realized I would be walking a couple miles a day, I ended up purchasing a Razor scooter (an A5 Lux) and love it so far! I don’t have the guts to long board yet, or even bike, so this is as good as it’s going to get now! I can tell you, it’s pretty fun to zip around; much more fun than walking!
I liked my outfit today so I had to share it with you! It is so comfy and easy to move around in. I was surprised the dress was under $15! It’s a perfect piece to accessorize. 
And I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I’m playing with a new layout and design! More changes will be coming in the upcoming month, but for now I’m trying to work on base ideas for the blog!
Anyways, happy Tuesday! I’ll be checking in again soon!