Graphic design made easy and a free download!

So PicMonkey that may be my biggest guilty pleasure. PicMonkey is a website where you can edit pictures, create collages and just design stuff! It is so easy to use and can produce the coolest stuff, so give it a try. It’s how I’ve done both of my blog designs, Facebook banners, desktop pictures and others’ logos as well! It is seriously awesome.

Today I made this picture to use as a desktop picture and it is SO cute. I thought I’d share it with you guys in case any of you liked the quote or just needed a pre-Valentine’s Day pick me up! Anyway, it’s my gift to you. 
Have any of you checked out PicMonkey? I recommend playing around with it a little because it is so fun! It is also incredibly user-friendly and most editing options are free, so you can try it out without any commitment! I have the Royale version because I’m so addicted and I love the extras that come with it. So, go and try out PicMonkey!
This is not a sponsored post, I just felt like talking about an awesome company that deserves some exposure!