Januar picks // February predictions.

December really flew by… It feels like it was months ago; not just less than a month. To be honest, my daily uniform didn’t consist of dresses and fur coats, but more like Dickens Caroling garb that really isn’t the cutest. But nevertheless, I shall continue! I was definitely a fan of sweaters, jeans and boots over the course of the month.

Yes, that is really how long it’s been since I’ve done a “picks // predictions” post! It has been sitting in my drafts with a list and just got away from me. Now that it’s half-way through February (eek!) I figured I should at least post my “January picks // February predictions” while I still can!

Now, without further ado, her are my January picks (well, what I can remember of January) and my February predictions (or what I’ve already been loving half of the month that is nearly over)!

january picks

1. Black pocket tee. I’ve been wearing black pocket tees like they’re never goin’ out of style. They’re just so comfy and easy to layer that I can’t resist them!
2. The Shine Project bracelets. Yes, I’m an intern for The Shine Project (which you should go check out if you haven’t heard of it), but I really do love the Threads bracelets! Especially my lucky elephant, Arizona state bracelet and black onyx pixie. The Shine Project employs at-risk inner-city youth so they can have money to put themselves through college! It’s the coolest thing ever and I’m so lucky to be a part of it all.
3. Brown riding boots. Pretty sure I will never let go of these babies. They’re so comfy (I mean, I wore them to a concert: standing room only). But alas, it is getting warmer already, so these might have to go away for a while soon. 🙁
4. American Eagle Jeggings. Yes, yes and yes. These babies are perfection. I used to wear their jeans a while ago and honestly don’t know why I stopped! I love these AE jeans!
5. This F21 skater dress. I’m not one for Forever 21 (and yes, this is the disclaimer I give every time I find something oddly worthy there), but this dress was too easy to wear to not get. I kept pairing it with leggings and a sweater, which was even more comfortable than jeans and a tee. I swear.
feb. predictions

1. Black striped dress. Not the dress pictured, but pretty close. I picked this dress up on Valentine’s Day at the Dillard’s Clearance Center. For $12, I couldn’t resist it! I’m actually wearing it today and I’m loving it with a red cardigan.
2. American Eagle jeggings. Still can’t get enough of these babies.
3. Prada eyeglasses. I cannot stress how much this investment was worth it. I’ve never had such a well-made piece in my life. These glasses are getting their share of the world for sure this month. They make me feel a little more sophisticated than the average Dani. The only downer is having to switch between them and my prescription sunglasses.
4. TOMS Burgundy Wedges. I haven’t gotten to wear these as much as I’d like to yet because I’ve been scootering everywhere, but I’ve really got to start working them into my wardrobe. They’re perfect! The last month I’ve been on a shoe kick (no pun intended) and just wanted every pair of heels and lace up wedges I could get my hands on. So bad! 
5. Jade necklace. This was the best Valentine’s Day present from my boyfriend! It’s so gorgeous and I love jade, so I can’t imagine anything more perfect.

Honorable Mentions:
1. Navy blazer. I’ve worn this blazer so many times in the past couple of months. I am obsessed with it. I wish it weren’t so warm out because I was just starting to figure out some really cute combos with it!
2.  Xootr Mg. I got this baby off of Craigslist and I’m pretty happy with it! It needs some work (cleaning, new bearings, a bit of grease etc.) but so far it’s coasting much better than the short-lived Razor A5 Lux I had. I’ll have to do a Xootr review once it’s all fixed up!