Weekend Wrap-Up.

You have to try this muffin recipe! What’s easier than a mix that can be prepared by scratch in a blender? Yes, the peanut butter is a little messy, but the results were absolutely delicious! The muffins are sponge-y, tasty and all-around perfect. They’re not even that bad for you. Peanut butter, banana, honey, vanilla, baking soda, an egg and chocolate chips. Blend it all together, bake it and you’ve got absolute perfection.

This is another recipe I tried today from Averie Cooks. I guess you could say I was definitely on a peanut butter kick. No regrets were had. I made my cookies a little too big, so half of a cookie is more than enough for me.  

On Saturday night we got to try out a new sushi place (new to me anyway) in Chandler called ISushi and Teppan! I am so glad we tried it because the food was great! We found a groupon for the restaurant, which had pretty good reviews, so I figured it was a safe bet. Indeed, it was. They even had gluten-free soy sauce which pretty much makes this place a tiny piece of heaven. If you’re in the Phoenix area, go check it out! We will definitely be going back.  
To add to this awesome weekend, on Sunday, I went to a farmers market (The Power Road Farmers Market) and got some amazing local honey, spaghetti squash and arrowroot flour. I’ve driven by the market a lot, but I’ve never had the chance to stop! I’m glad I could this time. Then, I got to go to WinCo where I picked up some bulk barrel stuff, like coconut flour. It made me a pretty happy camper. After that, I was bolstered back into reality, which meant starting my English essay, but still, I have spaghetti squash now! Eep! So that makes everything okay.
Hope your weekend was just as fantastic as mine was!