Pre Trip Report Post #1!

So! In case you don’t follow me on social media… I’m going to Disney World in June! I am a Disney fan to the max so this is a really exciting prospect for me (I imagine it would be for anyone else, too!). I am a member of where we start a thing called a “Pre-Trip Report” when we’re planning trips! Because I am so focussed on planning this trip, I figured I’d share that PTR with you, too! So, here we go!

We’ve really bounced around regarding summer plans for the past month (we’re really not too much of advanced planners; I get too obsessive over the vacation and if we booked 6 months out, I’d probably go cuckoo!). We’ve had thoughts from, “Oh, let’s just go visit family in New York and maybe go to the city for a couple days!” to “Hey, let’s go to Tokyo DisneySea!” (that is happening sometime in the future; I will make it so!) to “Let’s just run around Europe like crazy!”
… After we decided that we did need to don our planning caps to make those international trips happen, we decided to work out a scenario that could be reached in a shorter period of time. New York was definitely on the table. If we wanted to see more of it, we were recommended to look at Tours4Fun to see what packages were available, so we could get the full ‘New York’ experience. We wanted to go see my dad’s brother (it’s his birthday in June) and our family in general because it had been so long! So, I jokingly added in, “Why don’t we just go to Disney World too?”
Let’s just say my dad doesn’t take much as a joke.
He actually thought it was a wonderful idea. So, we started looking into things. Then, my dad’s phone goes off (insert Imperial March ringtone here). It’s my brother. My dad tells him we’re planning on going to New York (the for-sure part of the trip at this point) and my brother replies, “Oh, I was planning on going to New York, too. Why don’t we just go together?” I was dumbfounded; my family doesn’t do the whole “family vacation” thing. It’s usually just my dad and me and then if I’m lucky and we’re traveling close, a friend. At that point, they started planning New York stuff, but my dad mentioned that we were thinking about going to Disney World, too.
My brother’s next response surprised me even more than his first: he wanted to go!
… Long story short, we’re going to Disney World! It’ll be my dad, my brother Mark, his other half Annette and myself all going to Disney World and New York for a crazy time! This TR will only focus on the Disney half, but I felt I should mention the New York part, seeing as we’ll be taking three planes, buses, subways, trains… I’m going to be frazzled.
Now, I personally haven’t been to the World since July of 2008 when my 13- year old self planned a trip to Disney World all by myself. That’s the last time my dad went, too. You can see that trip report here! Please keep in mind that I was 13 years old and actually certifiably crazy.
Annette and Mark have actually never been to Disney World, so I am so excited that I get to show them the world. That shining, shimmering splendid world. It will also be Father’s Day and my brother’s birthday on the trip, so I’m really excited to have something to celebrate!
Well, we’ve got a lot of planning to do which I’d love to share with you guys if you’re willing to listen! I’m sure a lot of you need some extra help and advice in this area, so it can’t do you any harm to listen. If you don’t, the next thing you know is that you’ve forgotten something and it could go on to affect your vacation. My friend nearly had this scare not so long ago. She went to Iceland and completely forgot about finding her transport, but after some quick research, she found this iceland car rental company that helped her to find the perfect vehicle. As such, she got to see all the amazing sites of Iceland, like The Blue Lagoon, which she wouldn’t have been able to do without a car. I’m pleased for her, but if that’s taught her anything, it’s to plan for your vacation in advance. It’s the best thing to do, so check out my list if you ever find yourselves in the same situation. And don’t lurk, feel free to just say hi!
I can’t wait to get this show on the road!
… And away we go!