Newsies: The Broadway King of New York

I had the awesome chance to be in New York the past couple of days to visit family and the city and boy did I have a great time! Some highlights were Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (really fun, but really not worth the hype or exprensive), shopping at Macy’s (I got help from the nicest woman ever… A big shout out to Diane on the 7th floor at Macy’s on 34th!) and eating lots of yummy food (which is still happening tomorrow too)!

But, I must say, the best experience was getting to see Newsies. Twice. Yup, I got to see Newsies twice! We got to the city on Sunday and were trying to figure out what show to see. Newsies was the show I needed to see, no matter what, so we looked into it. I like to save money so we “rush” shows which essentially means I have to wait on line a couple of hours to get kind of crappy tickets at a good price! But hey, it’s so worth it in the end, especially when the lady next to you tells you she paid near $170 for her seat. Eek! Anyways, we had no idea how busy the rush line would be and since Newsies was such a big priority for me, we decided to just go on the first day.

Long story short, after we got our tickets, we realized the next day we were in the city (the last day as well) was when most shows I wanted to see were dark. So… We ended up seeing Newsies again! My brother and his other half were there this time, though; I’m glad they got to see it too!

Coming from a theatre background, I had things I was looking for in the show to see it succeed… And boy did it succeed! The dancing was absolutely phenomenal. If you’re a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, you make recognize season 10 contestant Nico on stage! In fact, after further scouring cast bios; I found that 3 of the swing members were on SYTYCD! He along with the entire swing do an amazing job the entire show. Not only is the dancing great, but the music gives me chills. Corey Cott (Jack Kelly) definitely did his role justice. What surprised me was that this was actually his broadway debut; he just graduated from Carnegie Mellon! I cannot wait to see what this young man accomplishes in the many years he will be on broadway. He is simply amazing. The whole cast was really amazing.

So, you need to go see it! It’s only playing on broadway until August 24th and then it’s gone! Sad, right?! Luckily for those of you that can’t get out here to NYC; the show is touring! See if it’s coming to a town near you HERE! Some dates aren’t listed yet, so if you don’t see your city; fret not! Arizona people: Newsies is coming to Tuscon so you better get your butt there!

It’s getting late here, but I had to tell you all about my awesome experience at Newsies before I could sleep soundly, so here you go! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far!