So, if you follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook, you know how obsessed and meticulous I am about my nails… And you’ve probably heard about Marvel Nails in Tempe, AZ. Seriously. I could go on forever about how much I love this place. I’ve had the worst time finding a reliable nail tech. There’s always something I find wrong with them… They’ll be great at the manicure part but the paint always chips or they’ll make me bleed every time or something. Sound familiar? Story of my life. 
I am also obsessed with Yelp. Chronically. If we’re set on going to a restaurant and I see that it has 2 stars? We are not going there anymore. I know that is the worst thing to say, but that method has always been the safest to follow; going never turns out well. Anyways, one day I decided I was really frustrated with my current nail salon (on my last visit I waited an hour after my appointment time and they overcharged me), I went to Yelp. I saw 5 stars for this nail salon, “Marvel Nails”. I liked it already thanks to the name’s likeness to Marvel comics. Past the name, I saw tons of pictures of the absolute cutest nails I had ever seen. I made an appointment immediately. I had to try it for myself! 
The first time I kept it pretty low-key with just solids and a little design with glitter here and there, but I eventually got to see Tiffany’s talent on my own nails. I absolutely fell in love.
First up was the Disney nails.
The reason for the splurge was our upcoming trip to Disney World. I wanted some nice nails that would stay beautiful throughout our trip but had a cute Disney flair… She absolutely killed it. I got crazy compliments on this manicure! It was so unique and fun that I just had to go back for more!
This time I tried to keep it a little more classic, but we had to throw in the bling.
 I love how simple this was. The little flowers were so garden party-feeling and the green was of course beautiful. 
As much as I loved the last two designs, this one took the cake and made it mandatory that I immediately write this post.
Working on it…
Here it is!
3D freaking roses. A work of art on my nails. I don’t know how she does it. She is just absolutely extraordinary and I can’t get enough of her nail designs.
If you want to go freak out over cute nails check out Marvel Nails’ Yelp here. And find more designs on instagram here and here. If you’re lucky enough to live in Arizona near Tempe, go check out Marvel Nails for yourself! Tiffany is the manager and the one who does the amazing nail design so set up an appointment with her!
I’m so happy to be sharing my favorite nail place with you. Hopefully you can get in soon!