3 tips from “What Not to Wear”

So I’ve totally been binging on episodes of What Not to Wear. It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Lately when I’ve gone shopping or been organizing my closet, there are two little voices in my head: those of Clinton and Stacey. I feel like they’d be the coolest best friends in the world. They are absolutely ridiculous and hilarious; I can’t get enough of them! Seriously, though. If you’ve never seen the show, first of all, WHY?! Second of all, go watch it! Now! I’ll wait.

You done? Okay, now that you’re hooked, you know that Clinton and Stacey have the best tips for dressing every body type. Over the past couple of episodes, I’ve gathered some tips that I agree with and wanted to share with you guys. So here they are!

When going through your closet, think about each piece. Do you love it? Is it just there? I have a friend, Elaissia, who is quite vocal in her opinions. It’s tough love most of the time, but when I think about it, she’s usually right. So, when going through my closet, I think about how I could justify to her why the piece is worth keeping. Sometimes I think of Clinton and Stacey’s opinions, too. I’m kind of a clothes hoarder so this is an incredibly important thing for me to keep in mind! My closet is constantly over-wrought with crap so this is great to keep in mind!

This is a great tip I need to take into account more often. Structure pieces can define and even create curves. Sometimes I feel like my body looks a little blobby and structure pieces add, well, structure to my shape! I feel like a foxy mama when I can define an hourglass figure and kind of like a marshmallow when I wear slouchy tees. My favorite places to find structure are in blazers and dresses! Blazers especially. That way I can hide the slouchy comfortable tee underneath my cute cut blazer with some jeans for a nice, pulled together outfit!

I wish I understood the worth of tailors earlier on in life. I find these perfect pieces that are a little too baggy in the waist, or too long, or too loose in the butt… And then just leave them where they are. I have a maxi dress that I wouldn’t wear half the time because it was too long… Then, I got it hemmed so it looked good with heels and flats and now it’s one of my favorite dresses! I own and love so many things that just need a little help. I used to find myself just buying new and different dresses, but I could just be making the ones I have right now perfect, instead. Or, I wear the dresses I have that fit wonky and they look terrible. Nobody wants that! It defeats the purposes of dressing “well” in the first place. So, I think tailors are miracle workers. Either find a good tailor or learn how to do stuff yourself! You’ll be amazed at the difference.