remy hair extensions from irresistible me

So I have had a definite case of the hair blahs lately. I’ve considered getting bangs, dying the ends pink (dip dye), cutting it off… You name it. Then, I ended up on YouTube for 2 hours and ended up making a kind of big, but strange, purchase.
Hair extensions.
I had never really even thought of them before; I found them to be a little weird. But to be able to change up my style and look like a mermaid? Nothing sounded better. After some research, on YouTube and Google in General, I ended up looking into Irresistible Me and I’m pretty happy with what I stumbled upon! Out of all the brands I researched, Irresistible Me hair extensions seem to have the best quality and value for the money! I got 18 inch extensions in silky golden blonde (#14) and I cannot wait for them to get here. I really wish I could have gotten the Royal Remy set, but it was just a little too pricey for me. I feel like these are going to be great, inexpensive hair extensions. Nevertheless, I’m just really excited to get the clip-ins and am hoping they’re the right color so I can start playing with them right away! Does anyone have tips on using and styling extensions?