5 Beauty Favorites

I have been beauty crazed lately and so happy to say I’ve had such great luck when it comes to great products.
I’ve never liked products in containers like this (you crank the bottom in a circle and it comes out into a brush at the top), but I love this product so much. I use it on the inner corner of my eye and brow bone the most. Sometimes, if I really need it, I put it underneath my eye too, but it’s a little crease-y for that. I loooooove it for my highlighting accents, though. Definitely wins for best highlighter.
This stuff feels so great on my face. The last time I used toner was when I used Proactiv. I love how this one is gentle on my skin while still clarifying. 
So much more natural looking than a pencil. Plus, it stays put and keeps my brows shaped, too! Definitely the best option for filling in eyebrows.
This stuff is so so so great. It offers color, moisturizer and ultimate care for my lips! I love how it gives me color but doesn’t dry out my lips; I love it.
This is a new one, but I think I’m slowly falling in love with it! It offers the natural coverage I need while giving my skin SPF and other benefits as well! In the past, I had crazy acne that couldn’t be masked even by the foundation I had. Now that my skin is cleared up, I can use lighter, more natural products. I love it; I may have to try some other CC creams in the future.