DIY Bow Holder / DIY Pin Holder

When I got home from our Disney World trip back in June, I had a bag of pins and my bows all sitting in my bag waiting to be put away… And there they sat until about a week ago. I decided at that point that I needed to rid myself of the jumbled clutter and finally get my pins and bow up for the world to see! “But how?” I wondered. That’s when I took to Pinterest. Here’s what I found:
Both are lovely options, but as it was 3 in the morning (did I mention that?), they weren’t exactly feasible options in my mind. Plus, I’ve got more of a shabby chic style going on here at my house so these just weren’t doing it! 
That’s when I came up with the easiest idea for bow and Disney pin holders.
 How easy does that look?! I’m still looking for some cuter thumbnails but at least the clear push pins do the job for now! 
Wide Burlap Ribbon (I think I used 4 inches.) You can get this at Michaels, other craft stores or here.
Push pins
Your beautiful bows or Disney pins!
All you do is cut your burlap to the desired length and then pin the burlap to the wall with the push pins. To insert the pins, I just went through the holes and put the closure on the other side. For bows, I just pushed the bar through the hole and then pushed to click like it was on my hair and bam! Instant cuteness. I’m sure there’s a way to prevent frayed ends, but I kind of like how it looks right now so I’ll be keeping it.
What do you guys think? I’d say it’s pretty great for a craft at 3 in the morning! 
How do you display your Disney pins and bows? Tell me about it in the comments below. 🙂