Irresistible Me in Torrid

Happy Tuesday! This weekend was actually pretty enjoyable. I worked both Friday and Saturday but had most of Sunday off, so I got to relax with some friends and eat yummy food! It was pretty much the best Sunday ever. 
Another reason my weekend was so fantastic was because these beauties came in the mail earlier than expected!

I used to think hair extensions were super weird and gross. The idea of having someone else’s hair on your head was really off-putting to me, but it was coming time for a hair change and I didn’t want to cut or color it, so what else was left? Extensions! I ordered 140g of the 18 in. Irresistible Me hair in Silky Golden Blonde (#14). It only took 6 days to get here and came just in time to play with it over the weekend! 
When I opened the pretty black box, I found a long ziploc full of hair. One side was ready to open so I could see if the hair was the right color directly against my own hair (without the running the risk of not being able to return them). Even if I found that it wasn’t the right color, I could still return it at this point! I found this to be especially helpful because you can never really tell through the plastic! Luckily it was the PERFECT color, so I broke the seal and happily went on my way to check out my new hair! 
I put in the extensions in less than 20 minutes and I loved how they looked! Even straight. Then, I went about curling my hair and it just looked lovely. This is my hair the second day I wore it when I speed curled it. But hey, this is also my super cute outfit mostly via Torrid! Torrid is a plus size fashion store for sizes 12-26 and has some AMAZING clothes for curvy women.