Sunday social linkup

I decided to take part in Neely (of “A Complete Waste of Makeup)’s Sunday Social Linkup! It will sadly be ending next week and while I’ve never done it myself, I’ve always enjoyed reading people’s responses! So, here we go! (Visit here if you want to join in, too!)
1. Favorite Month and why? Definitely November. Here in Arizona, the weather is always so wonderful in November. Plus, November means Thanksgiving! Speaking of…
2. Favorite Holiday and why? Thanksgiving! Most people would guess Christmas because that’s the day my birthday is on, but I really love coming together with my family on Thanksgiving. We always have a “Warshers” tournament each year; it’s something I’ve played since I could walk! I just love having something that’s a constant through all of these years.
3. Are you getting the new iPhone or are you more of an Android person? After going through a process that has made me hate Verizon, I’m actually the proud owner of an amazing iPhone 6 Plus! I love, love, love it. And no, it hasn’t bent yet. [insert eye roll here]
4. Most thoughtful gift you have ever received from someone? Preston (my boyfriend, for those of you who are new to the blog) got me the most beautiful jade necklace. It was perfect and definitely me, so I’d say that was pretty thoughtful!
5. Something you can?t wait to splurge on? Eventually (we’re talking a while from now) I can’t wait to splurge on the perfect cashmere sweater. I know that’s crazy, but I dream of building a timelessly classic base of a closet one day.