The Story of the Kenneth Cole Chukka Boots

 The Story of the Kenneth Cole Chukka Boots
Preston got these shoes this weekend and they caused quite a stir… So I felt the need to blog about it.
The sales associates at Dillard’s and I totally coerced Preston into these awesome shoes (oops). He obviously at least liked them and they looked absolutely sexy on him. He wore the shoes out, we went and ran our errands and then we went back to the house. The second we walked in the door, his roommates berated him with comments about his “hipster” shoes.
Number one, these totally are not “hipster,” they are completely trendy. 
Number two,  I don’t even care they seriously looked so good on him. Case in point.

Boyfriend Commentary: “Coerced was putting it lightly! The lady pretty much forced me to try on the shoes and then Danielle wouldn’t let me leave without them. I own another pair of Reaction dress shoes for big client meetings and love the Reaction line from Kenneth Cole, so I guess I kinda wanted them, too (although I will never admit it). I’m glad she added the watch to these outfits, because I feel a good watch is what gives you that classy look. She may have won this battle at Dillard’s…. and may have gotten me to wear Disney stuff out in public… Actually, I think I need to stop letting you win all these clothing battles. The only problem is I think she may have developed a foot fetish.”

This was so cute until the last lines. I will so totally win all of these clothing battles. And I do not have a foot fetish, men’s footwear just happens to be the best thing ever. There is nothing like a creamy suede loafer. Nothing.

Despite the comments, he’s decided to keep them. YAY! Obviously one of his better judgement calls. 😉 Since these shoes have been the hot topic of recent debate, they’ve been on my mind constantly. That’s why I’ve decided to create some looks around these shoes to prove their versatility. You know, in case you weren’t sold already. I mean, who doesn’t love a man in a good desert boot?!

look #1
I put together this first look for Preston for a more business casual look. The outfit can go from the office to Chop Shop to errands after work. He looks smart and pulled together while still maintaining comfort. Plus, he’s secretly (maybe not so secretly) lusting over a nice leather messenger. I pretty much love that.
look #2
I thought this look would be great for casual outings to places like Liberty Market or Joe’s Farm Grill, or even just hanging out with friends! I love that it balances his level of comfort with my need to be with someone casually stylish. 😉 Or at least someone who doesn’t look like a tool next to the girl in the distressed denim and the wool panama hat. Enough said.
look #3
Okay, this is totally shameful. Yes, I put together a winter-y outfit together for my man for winter despite the fact that it is still October and in the 90’s here in AZ. But seriously, when we were at Old Navy last weekend, he tried on this jacket and it looked amazing on him. Plus, once you introduce winter fashion to me, I don’t go back. 
So, what do you think? Do you totally love these Chukkas? Or do you just want to chuck them out the window like his roommates*?

* I’m sorry that was the worst pun ever, but it had to be said.