70 days!

70 days until check in!
*insert happy dance here*
I am seriously so excited to start my adventure with the Disney College Program out in Disneyland. It’s only been a couple of weeks since I got accepted and I’m seriously losing it waiting! I’m so excited to be working for the company I’ve wanted to work for since I was little. 
What I’ve Been Doing
I’ve been going through my clothes to purge and get ready for the big move! Yes, it’s 70 days out, but I know that time is going to sneak up on us! I took pictures of every single top, skirt and dress in my closet; it was ridiculously crazy. So, from there, I’ve been trying to decide what to bring! I know space is pretty limited, but I love my clothes more than anything else! So 🙁 
I’ve also been going through my clothes to figure out what to wear for Traditions and classes! On the Disney College Program, you have to follow a business casual “Disney Look” for both Traditions and your classes each week.

Disney Look Guidelines
Dress, suit, Capri or dress pants with classic- style blouse are preferred. NOTE: Cotton twill, cargo, leggings or other casual styles of Capri pants do not present a professional image and are therefore not permitted.
Clothing should be neat, pressed and conservative in nature.
Business-style shoes are required. Shoes should be fully enclosed and may have a small peep-toe and/or sling back.
Hair must be neatly arranged in a conservative style.
Hair color and highlights must be natural looking, well maintained and complementary to your complexion.NOTE: Highlights should be no more than two shades difference from the base hair color and must be well blended over the entire head.
Nail polish must be complementary to your complexion and may contain no decor. Nails must not exceed ? inch beyond tips of fingers.
So, I’m trying to figure out what I’ve got that can work for Disney Look. Hopefully I’ll put together some looks to feature here on the blog for ideas! As you can see, it’s not just clothing, it’s hair, makeup and nails as well! I really appreciate Disney for having such strict guidelines. 

DCP Blogs
I’ve also been relentlessly searching for and reading DCP blogs lately! I’m realizing how hard it is to find Disneyland DCP blogs. So, if you have any suggestions, let me know!