DCP Update: 34 Days Until Check In!

So, the fact that I’m going to Disney soon really didn’t really hit me until today. Yes, I’ve been doing paperwork and talking to people and even making some packing lists, but it didn’t really seem real.

But when it did? There were tears, lots of happy dancing, lots of belting Disney songs and lots of this:

Seriously though, I am still in absolute disbelief. I’ve got two awesome-as-heck roommates (YAY!), will be driving to California in just 33 days, I started two DCP Pinterest boards (here and here) and I’m even starting to clean up and organize my apartment to get ready for moving out and moving to California! Can you believe that?
I do have the really strong fear of leaving Arizona and all of my friends and family, but I feel so much support from them for this blessing of an opportunity I have. I can’t wait! I’ve been looking for places to stay by using this top-ranking Torrance realtor Maureen Megowan and other agents that have some beautiful homes for sale in California. I’m excited to live in California finally!
In case you haven’t been keeping up, I’ll be moving to California from January to August to take part in the Disney College Program at Disneyland as a Photopass Photographer! I’m so excited to live, learn and earn alongside so many awesome people and to be working for such an amazing company that’s had such an impact on my life. However, as this job isn’t permanent, one of my friends recommended that I consider looking into renting an apartment instead of purchasing a house. That was a good suggestion. My friend even suggested that I look into The Asher’s apartments (see here). My friend was really helpful throughout this whole thing. She was able to really help me work out how I was going to make the move over to California.

I’m also hoping it will present some more time for me to develop myself creatively. I’ll be taking a leadership speakers series class at Disneyland where Disneyland “higher ups” will be coming to present on their place in the Disney company and how they got there. I’m so excited to hear from such inspirational people. I’m always looking for ways to develop my creativity and to give myself some inspiration and insight into how everything works and I think this presents the perfect opportunity.
Overall, I’m really just excited to be a part of an amazing company, making magic for people. The Disney Parks have an amazing way of transporting people from everyday life to an amazing alternate universe and it will be so exciting to be a part of that.
So until then!