12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 3

day three: top 3 characters and why
#1 Donald Duck
It is ridiculous how much I love this bundle of feathers. I’ve thought long and hard about which of the fab five were my favorite and have realized that Donald is definitely it. Yes, he has a pretty bad temper most of the time, but at his sweetest moments, he really warms my heart. I mean, look at him and Daisy! How much cuter could they be?!
#2 Belle
Belle is definitely in my top three. She is strong, courageous, genuine, beautiful and spunky. How could you not love her? Plus, Beauty and the Beast is a masterpiece, so. 
#3 Lady and Tramp
Okay, so these are two characters, but they go together, so I’m totally allowed to pair them together for this! It’s not just the romance between these two that I love, it’s their characters. It’s just so wonderful to see the blissfully ignorant Lady with the crazy, free spirited Tramp. They’re just so fantastic.