12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 4

I’m officially the worst. I’ve missed the past couple of days posting because of packing up my apartment and not wanting to leave my couch in the hour a day that I get to rest! Plus, all of the little ends to tie get pretty time-consuming too!
Packing up an apartment is hard work, especially when you’re trying to decide simultaneously what goes in storage, what goes to your parent’s house and what goes with you to Disney! This experience is also making me realize (as if it weren’t obvious before) that I have a serious attachment to my clothing. I, for some reason, can’t convince myself that 30 t-shirts is too many. Whoops. All hail space bags, I guess.
Anyway, I digress. Day 4 of the 12 Days of Disney Challenge is a free write, so luckily I’m feeling pretty free write-y right now. I decided for my free write, I’d share what’s going on in my life right now with a little insta-feature, so here we go!
 First of all, I chopped some of my hair off. I can’t decide if this was a good or a bad decision, but I’m going with it! It’s taking quite a bit of trial and error to figure out how to style it, but I think I like it so far! It feels a lot more healthy, which was my goal.
Another reason I didn’t get to post is because yesterday was my last day at Torrid, the plus-size clothing store I’ve been working at since July! It’s been such a dream working with such an amazing team! I am so glad I got the experience I did working with Team Tempe! I’ll miss them!
Here’s the team, aren’t they the cutest?
Anyway, there’s my update! Today I packed up a little bit of my apartment. A little bit meaning my dog’s stuff got over to my dad’s and like 4 cabinets in my kitchen are empty now. Whee. Well, guess you gotta start somewhere! 
Also, all of these pictures are from my instagram! So, if you want to follow my craziness there, follow me at @sincerelydanirose.