12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 5

day five: top 5 Disney movies and why

Is it weird that I was dreading this day? I feel like choosing your favorite movie is like choosing a favorite child, or type of ice cream or something important like that. Well, here goes nothing. 
p.s. because I’m finicky like that, these aren’t in order of love either.
p.p.s. I definitely love a bajillion more movies than this.
p.p.p.s. I just would’ve been here for 10 hours deciding.
#5 Enchanted
Seriously, could this be any more perfect? Giselle thinks a shower is magical… A shower! I just love the comparison of hardcore Disney Princess-ness to real life. It’s so simply beautiful to see such magic come to life in the real world. Plus, I love dancing around to the songs while I clean. How could you not? I’m really upset Giselle isn’t an official Disney princess.

#4 Tangled
I don’t know if it’s the fact that there’s a brutalizing thug who loves ceramic unicorns or the fact that Flynn Rider (Eugene)’s smolder is so dreamy, but this movie is perfection. I relate so much to Rapunzel sometimes… Which is probably not something I should admit because I especially feel so in sync in the scene where she is obviously bipolar. 

#3 Aladdin

One of my favorites just from watching the stage show in California Adventure so many times. Plus, Aladdin and Jasmine are super cute. And carpet and genie are perfect and adorable. Abu, too!

#2 Mary Poppins
I cry every single time I watch this darn movie. Julie Andrews is one of my favorite actresses and the film itself is a masterpiece. I think what really fostered my love for this movie was Saving Mr. Banks (another contender for the list), just because it reveals so much about what really went into this movie.

#1 The Princess and the Frog

I. Love. Hand. Drawn. Animation. I’m so glad they brought it back for this picture. It’s becoming a lost art form and I don’t want to see that happen! This is one of those movies that I could watch over and over again (which I do a lot on trips, as it’s the only movie I have saved on my phone). Everything about it just sits so well and resonates so soundly in the end. Plus, Lottie is hilarious, so there’s that too.