12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 6

With this post, I will finally be caught up with my 12 Days of Disney Challenge! I vowed to myself that I would not stop mid-challenge and so far, that’s going well! I hope those of you that are CPers and are reading this are getting excited! For the Disneyland CPers, we really just have 5 days until check in! It’s nuts! 

day six: favorite holiday to experience in a Disney Park and why
{picture via tumblr}
Christmas wins this battle hands down. It’s always been my favorite holiday in the parks and this past November, I got to experience Disney World during the holidays and it was oh so magical. The castle was glowing, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights was absolutely breathtaking, the weather didn’t suck and it was just an amazing time. 
Disney decorations really can’t be beat and that’s what I think makes the holidays there so great. Plus, people seem to have this glow about them (it’s not just the Christmas lights shining in their eyes) and everything seems peaceful (even with the far-off screams from Splash Mountain). Plus, Christmas at the Disney Parks mean Christmas parades which are the best kinds of parades!
What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate at the Disney Parks?